Preschooler halloween crafts

October is here, time for pumpkins, decor and crafts. The older kids bring home neat crafts they do in school for halloween, and your little one wants in on the fun. 

I have compiled this list of crafts for your toddler that are simple to do. Click on the links for the tutorials for these crafts. Toddlers are amazing little rambunctious characters that have a big personality. They always need something to keep them busy. Here are some neat ones to do with them.  🙂

Candy Corn craft – Thriving home blog

FoootPrint Ghosts -Crafty morning

Glow Stick Pumpkin Jars  -Create Craft Love

Paper Roll monsters– Easy Peasy Fun

Cute little monsters from paper rolls

Paper Pumpkins– Easy Peasy Fun

Try this craft with your little one for halloween. 

What does craft time typically look like in your house? 

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Crafts can be fun but, they can also be super messy! 

easy clean up tip:* Cut the bottom of a grocery bag to make a cover to protect your little ones clothes! 

What are your favorite crafts to do with your little one? Let me know in the comments! 

Enjoy your halloween! See you next time! 🙂 

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