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Please welcome dani, from The Mama Mia Blog!
Here she shares self care practices that are easily forgotten because as mothers we dedicate our lives and time to our children.
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The struggles of mom life

Through the craziness after having a baby it is so easy to find yourself engrossed in this ‘new life’ of feeding, changing, sterilising, cleaning, nappies, rashes, washing, you often forget that you exist. 

Mum life is over whelming and very time consuming, you often forget to do simple things to take care of yourself. You may not be the makeup wearing, hair sparkling person you used to be, but you are still you and sometimes mothers need mothering too. 

Becoming a mother was the best thing that has ever happened. But it is also the most exhausting. I love my girls more then anything in the world, but some days, I am so totally and utterly drained I don’t know what to do with myself. I push my self way past my limits. I will have a list of things to do through the evening and before I know it the list has doubled and I just don’t know where to start. This is when it can feel so tough and that your having one of those days. A day where you probably haven’t even stopped to give your hair a brush. 

Motherhood does NOT need to feel like this. Of course you are going to have days where everything feels harder. If the kids had a disturbed night, the next day everyone will be tired. But if you can ensure you give yourself even 10 minutes a day to do something that makes you feel good, the day will become less overwhelming and you will feel more in control. 

Here are some quick, easy, free ways that I like to unwind and provide self-care in as little as five minutes. 

Take a bath

Bubbles and bath bombs are fantastic. Even if you are just sitting in the water reading a book or watching something on your phone. It is a great way to make some time for yourself, and just be in that peaceful moment to unwind. 

Treat Yourself To Something

I used to spend ALOT of money on clothes, shoes, makeup, hair. Since having my girls I don’t even look in the shops for myself anymore. I run straight to the children’s section and buy them something. I now have a rage of guilt if I was to buy something for my own good.  

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

I have a really bad problem when it comes to getting to bed at a decent time every night. I always think I am wasting precious alone time to get things down. There is always one more email to send or one more wash to do. I have a difficult time putting a hard stop on productivity. This is the only time I feel like I can get things done without the kids around. But not having that decent sleep will have a huge impact on your mood. 

Nourish Yourself 

This may sound obvious, but I experienced this myself first hand. I can guarantee you a lot of mother’s will tell you that they struggled to keep themselves nourished. Especially in the early breastfeeding days. Some days it will get to nearly tea time and I will realise I have only had a little breakfast. You need the energy so making sure you eat and stay hydrated is a big big deal. 

Let me know your favourite self care tips in the comments below

Dani Shuttleworth 

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