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4 Things killing your productivity for getting organized

Today, I wanted to share with you some reasons why getting organized around the house or really anywhere you are trying to get organized is a struggle!

Cleaning and organizing is something we all try to do on our days off, right? Especially if you work an oddball shift, it’s even harder to get it done.

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 Social Media

You spent some time scrolling through Facebook, liked some videos and chatted with your mom. Next thing you know, it’s 430 in the afternoon and everything from the pantry is spread out on the countertop and it’s time to start prepping for dinner.

It’s not hard to get caught up in the social media feed and burn a few hours, being more mindful of how much time you spend on these apps will improve your odds of getting tasks done.

Attempting to focus on more than one task 

Multitasking is great sometimes but, when you are attempting to get the house organized it can be counterproductive to start multiple projects.

Focus on one area at a time to ensure completion. I’m guilty of seeing another mess and trying to start on that rather than finishing the one I’m on.

Utilizing a visual list of what needs to be done can also assist with doing one task at a time and maintaining focus to check each item off. Getting a whiteboard is a great way to do this.

Storage space or a place to put things

It’s difficult to get organized when there is a lack of space to put things or a way to organize items. The toy box has no specific organize because there isn’t really anywhere else to put them and that’s okay.

For the longest time, I used storage bins as toy boxed because I didn’t have shelves or drawers for toys. Some of the toys still live in storage bins, mostly stuffed animals.


There, it’s been said. The scary word that lives inside us. At some point, you look at what needs to be done and just shake your head.

It’s okay to put off things sometimes, especially with a full platter. However, too much procrastination is terrible for getting things done at home. 


With an endless to-do list as a mom, it can be easy to get caught up in a stage of procrastination.

Why should we push ourselves to do this anyway?

Well, it will be one less thing we are thinking about, wondering when it’s going to get done.





There are only so many hours a week, and it’s not hard to let time pass you by and chores end up piled a mile high. By the time it reaches that point the task becomes more daunting by the minute.

Some easy ways to keep productivity up and get organizing done: 

  • put your phone away to avoid spending time on social media
  • don’t procrastinate too much or long
  • create a simple to-do list
  • avoid starting multiple projects


What are some things you want to be more productive on?

Let me know in the comments

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Hi there! I'm Cassie, a mom to three wonderful children. I blog and potty train by day, and work third shift full time by night. I help moms like you by finding ways to save money and keep life organized.


Hi there! I'm Cassie, a mom to three wonderful children. I blog and potty train by day, and work third shift full time by night. I help moms like you by finding ways to save money and keep life organized.

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  1. YES to all of these things! I am so guilty of getting distracted on most of these things. I am working on trying to get some of them under control.
    Lyndsey @Dearlyndsey recently posted…Coding for Kids with the CodeSpark AppMy Profile

    1. Distractions are all around us, take one thing away that’s distracting when you go to complete a task. Thanks for stopping by!
      Cassie recently posted…4 Things killing your productivity for getting organizedMy Profile

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