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Life gets so messy sometimes and we sometimes need a little more help on getting organized.

(By the way today I woke up thinking it was Wednesday, and it’s Tuesday. So there’s that.)

With modern technology and all the sites out there like Pinterest, it’s easier than ever before to get life organized.

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Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to keep organized.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never say I have it all figured out and that I’m the most organized person ever; because I’m definitely not.

Anyone that knows me knows that I try to stay as organized as possible.

I go crazy over having a ton of lists, whiteboards, and storage for just about everything.

It drives me insane when something gets put in the wrong spot(we live in a duplex currently, and we are short on space so I get a little frazzled when things get

mixed up).

If I could have my way there would be whiteboards on the fridge, laundry room, bathrooms and near the front door!

I know it drives my fiance up a wall when I do lists, but something about them just keeps things orderly.

So that brings me to organization tip number one.


Some may agree, some may not.

I feel that whiteboards are the way to go honestly.

They are easy to use, a surefire way to get a message across to the family.

I keep them on the fridge because that’s where everyone is half the time anyway! 


Keeping laundry baskets around the house and toy boxes strategically placed throughout the house

I have covered this in another post on simple ways to keep the house clean, but I can’t express this enough.

You can read the post here.

There is a laundry basket between the kids’ room, in their rooms,  and in the laundry room.

With toy boxes, I keep most of them in the living room where her play kitchen and table are.

There are some stored in other areas like her room, and on the other side of the counter, it’s a bit too small to keep the table there so it’s another dedicated play area, and vacuum storage and broom storage.


Mailbox to separate mail out and keep it organized

After four and a half years together, and having three children total we see a lot of mail.

So, one day I decided to have a split mailbox in the kitchen, one for his mail, one side for mine.

This was probably one of my best ideas, there was nothing more frustrating than sorting through mail trying to figure out who was whos.

At least it bothered me, or better yet when it would get tossed on the microwave then ended up falling off into an abyss, never to be found.

This storage shelf also covers the aspect of preventing lost keys!

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find your keys.



Don’t give the space for a junk box or drawer

I think this is a long time struggle for many, it’s just easier to have a home for everything and keep in the habit of putting things back.

A junk drawer just leads to issues later and something else to have to worry about going through.

There is enough to try to remember and maintaining a junk drawer isn’t something I’m a fan of.

It’s been about two years since we had a  junk drawer and it’s better that we don’t.

I’d rather have a few things on the counter here and there, and end up putting it away within a day or two rather than scooping it in a drawer out of laziness.


If you don’t use something within a year, get rid of it.

Yep, I just said it.

Rid yourself of clothing or shoes you haven’t touched in a year.

If you haven’t used it within a year, are you ever going to use it?

This is something I know people struggle with, myself included sometimes.

Goodwill is everywhere now, or salvation army, or even the local shelters.

Get rid of items, toys, clothing or shoes you know will never get used.

It’s extra things you have to work around or deal with, and someone else could use it.


Well, for now, that’s all I have.

There are many ways to organize, these are just a few!

Let me know what you think it the comments!

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Hi there! I'm Cassie, a mom to three wonderful children. I blog and potty train by day, and work third shift full time by night. I help moms like you by finding ways to save money and keep life organized.


Hi there! I'm Cassie, a mom to three wonderful children. I blog and potty train by day, and work third shift full time by night. I help moms like you by finding ways to save money and keep life organized.

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  1. I love whiteboards. I have toy boxes in every room. This also helps with teaching children to clean up. The toys than have a spot and a specific place. I need something for the mail. That I have trouble with. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try that. Rachel from

    1. mhollabaugh says:

      So glad to hear!I love that my toddler will now help clean before leaving the house.

  2. I love the one about if you don’t use something within a year, then get rid of it. I need to tell my husband that one.

    1. mhollabaugh says:

      Its probably one of the hardest things to do, but less to worry about

  3. Hi, These cleaning tips are certainly helpful. Great step by step directions that look super easy to do! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I appreciate it! Cleaning can be dreadful and it’s helpful to have a method to keep things tidy!
      Cassie recently posted…How to decorate on a budget for FallMy Profile

  4. Dennis N. Rutledge says:

    Great round up of tips. I’ve been feeling the itch to do some deep spring cleaning. So these are perfect!

    1. Deep cleaning is always a great thing to do, it can be exhausting. I find that designating a home for everything and an overall game plan to keep things tidy in the long run is helpful. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂
      Cassie recently posted…How to decorate on a budget for FallMy Profile

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