How to organize and rearrange toddler toys

Hello there, quick post today. I decided to redo my toddlers play area, with Christmas around the corner all her toys had to be condensed to one area. Yikes! 

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Assessing the mess

unorganized toys

When we came back from some errands, me and my toddler that is had some lunch and I thought today would be a great day to fix up her toy area. A dresser was given to us and she was in serious need of one, we have been using a sterilite plastic drawer for her clothes and it just wasn’t cutting it. 

Utilizing plastic drawer set


With the plastic drawer now freed up organizing her toys would be much easier. It was also time to purge the toys and go through the boxes. When my family cleans up the mess, they throw anything and everything in those totes. They throw things in like dog toys, shoes, drapery ties and, even trash. 

The downside of using totes as a catch all

Sure my idea of using totes was great, it made for easy cleaning. However, my family’s motivation to keep everything organized isn’t there. Instead I see them throwing everything in and it’s like; seriously? 

Filtering out items and toys that don’t belong

The start looked like an episode of hoarders, toys piled up small broken crayons and items everywhere. It was a terrible sight, so I designated an empty tote for all the random objects that belong to the older kids for them to go through later. 

Item specific totes

Next, I designated totes ONLY for stuffed animals or plushies. Doing this prevents smaller toys from being lost in the mix. All her dolls and doll house accessories went straight to the dollhouse. 

Organizing toys in the play kitchen

She also has a play kitchen, so everything play food related went in the kitchen. Two boxes were used to hold the smaller items to keep them somewhat organized. 

Setting up the drawers

The drawers were organized by type of toy, top is random smaller toys, second is legos only(mega blocks), last drawer is paper, coloring books and color pencils and crayons. 

The last peice was finding the perfect space for the totes to fit, there are 2 less totes of toys now. 

Clean up time

Finally, The last part of this process was to sweep and mop the area. Doing this project took me less than an hour, depending on how many toys are in your home it could take longer. 

The after

For more tips and ideas on getting organized, head to organization tips and hacks post!

I hope this post was helpful in providing ideas on getting the play area under control! 


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  1. Rachel says:

    You need to have a specific place where toys go to help with clean up. Getting rid of toys that don’t belong makes it easier for the little ones to clean up.

    1. Cassie says:

      agreed, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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