Why are C-Section moms, not considered real moms? (opinion post)

So one of the most controversial subjects, that shouldn’t be controversial. Mom’s having c-sections.

Why C-Section moms are getting hell and being told that they aren’t real moms

To start with, I would like to say that the birth of my daughter was, in fact, a c-section. It was an emergency cesarean, Up until it came time to be put under for the operation I was in pain and was feeling contractions and struggled.

For all the people out there trying to say c-section moms aren’t real moms, have you ever had your gut cut open to get a child pulled out of there? 

Did you spend day after day for months struggling to stand up or sit up out of bed because your stomach muscles were severed? 

Did you cry in pain while trying to wash the area of the incision while the soap burned while soap seeped into the open wound? 

Our healing isn’t a matter of days, it was weeks if not more. It was never as easy as using aloe or something to aid some of the pain.

I agree there are pains associated with vaginal but c-section I have actual experience and due to complications very little pain relief in active labor.

When you were nursing, were you in tears because everytime it caused cramps in the uterus that radiated outward to the incision that was just god awfully painful. 

Before you decide how much of a mother I am, evaluate yourself. Make sure you are d*mn perfect before you start making a scene out of the rest of us.

Our bodies still react similarly after birth, we bleed, we hurt, we make milk. There’s one difference between us, where the child came out and where it hurts.

We are just as much of a mother as you are, the delivery circumstances may differ but we do not.

I’m over the stigma, my post-pregnancy was not easy whatsoever.

I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I have had.





except in delivery, take your screwed up views and stop making people think we didn’t earn our status. Some of went through way more than your simple little parade of pushing a kid out your stuff.

What are your thoughts on the stigma of cesarean moms not being moms? let me know in the comments. 

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