The best way to shop the freezer section for a family of 5

Sometimes the motivation to cook just isn’t there, dinner still needs to be done though. These types of days are when you look at the convenience of freezer meals.

Feeding a family of five with freezer meals

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This can be a tough feat, it seems the typical family size meals are meant for a family of four or smaller.

Options for when the family size isn’t enough

Supplementing by adding more of an ingredient that’s in the meal

Sometimes when buying the family size, and there isn’t enough in the package so adding more pasta or rice for example can make enough for everyone.

Buying double

Depending on the cost factor it may make more sense to buy two packages of something. Things like pizza, ravioli and other pastas can be doubled.

Buy the party size

When the family size lasagna isn’t big enough for your family, look to the party size.

Add a side to the meal

There are times when supplementing or buying double isn’t what you would like to do, adding a side like a veggie or garlic bread can complete the meal.

Frozen Family favorites

  • Ravioli
  • Lasagna
  • pizza
  • pasta bakes
  • chicken nuggets and fries
  • Skillet Meals

What about breakfast?

When the kids don’t really want cereal, or the weather is thirty degrees outside a cold breakfast isn’t really all that appealing. There are a ton of options for breakfast meals that are simple.

  • waffles
  • pancakes
  • sandwiches
  • pancakes on a stick
  • toaster strudels

The most cost-effective items to buy from this section is waffles and pancakes. Both are fast to heat up and convenient for busy mornings.

There are times when your family is larger than what some family size meals claim to feed. There are tons of different ways to tackle this and feed everyone, without spending alot.

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