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6 Ways to save on groceries without couponing

Saving on groceries is probably what everyone thinks about, groceries have gone up on price over the years.

Did you ever realize you spend more on a loaf of bread than a gallon of gasoline on average?

Looking at a bread package the other night, I have WIC for now and the whole wheat bread I got was priced at $3.19 a loaf!

I was like “seriously?”

With spending seven years in the retail industry I’ve seen a lot of ways to get groceries without breaking the budget and not have to coupon so much to where you are carrying an expanding file to the store.

I mean come on, do you really want to stand at the register blocking flow, and taking 20-30 minutes just to say you have an overabundance of a product now because of extreme couponing.

I seriously don’t have the patience for it, and all the time I spent on the other side of it, having to get a manager, try to calm down the customers afterward, I’m sorry its just not worth the hassle, time and frustration.

I’d rather get in, get out and get home to the family. Couponing will never be my hobby.

My family spends 200-250 a month on groceries, without couponing. 


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Don’t buy a bunch of snacks

However, do be aware, I don’t load up on snacks because I know ill find wrappers stashed everywhere and it’s a waste of money in my opinion.

Don’t buy water bottles

Another thing is, I don’t buy water bottles, not only is plastic bad for the environment and takes forever to break down, I don’t want to be finding them everywhere.

So what do I do? I buy it by the gallon, better yet you can always get the dispensers that hold 5 gallons of water and have cold water on demand.

Plus, they are cheap to refill at the grocery store.

Check out which store has the best deals that week

Looking at ads

Sometimes its just a matter of checking out which store has the best deals at the time.

 Use the Walmart grocery app to prevent impulse buys.

Everyone does it, that impulse section and the hanging strips through all the stores. Impulse buys are too easy to give in to.

Try the grocery app for a better idea of what you actually need

I love using this option, no taking a toddler through the store, no fighting kids in the store, or wanting to touch everything for that matter.

Pick up is free, 7 days a week 8-8.

Set your appointment time, honestly, everything is done through the app.

Here is a referral code that gets you $10 off your order, then I get $10 off my order too!


Create a meal plan

This one will save you as well, going into a store is a bad idea, especially if you have no clue what you are making that week or what you need and trying to guess.

I know I have been guilty of this before, and it always ends in spending too much money and missing the things we needed.

I like to use my whiteboard to create a menu for the week once I have decided on a weekly menu.


make beverages like tea/kool-aid/ juice rather than buying the packaged stuff

This is a big one, yeah, pre-packaged drinks are convenient but, they aren’t so nice on the wallet.

The extra money adds up and so does the additional waste from it.

Lately, my household has been on a kick of saving and reducing waste.

If you can’t do sugar, you can always pick up some of the large bags of Splenda or stevia.

There are so many ways out there to save.


What are some ways you cut back on your grocery bill?

Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Hi there! I'm Cassie, a mom to three wonderful children. I blog and potty train by day, and work third shift full time by night. I help moms like you by finding ways to save money and keep life organized.


Hi there! I'm Cassie, a mom to three wonderful children. I blog and potty train by day, and work third shift full time by night. I help moms like you by finding ways to save money and keep life organized.

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