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Delightful motherhood is a mom blog dedicated to helping moms with organizing everyday life. Life can get messy and I’m here to help by providing resources and demonstrating different ways to get life organized. Moms typically do the most and receive the least help, this blog is dedicated to helping the overwhelmed, busy mom keep home life organized and family focused.

About me- My story


I’m Cassie, and i am a mom, blogger, wife of a veteran and love country life.

I became a mom at 20 years old with my pregnancy, about a year later I was blessed with two stepchildren that had not seen their dad for a long time between deployments and time in the military. Though, I didn’t experience the military side of it I understood what it felt like to not see my dad for long periods of time. Along with the having step parents and not agreeing very well with either, I promised to try my best to not have a battle with them that would be lifelong.

My goal is to one day become a stay at home mom, to enjoy more time with my family. I mean who wouldn’t want to be at home working their own schedule with the freedom to live life to the fullest rather than being a slave to Uncle Sam and corporate America.

From one mom to another, you should never feel guilty for the five minutes to yourself or inadequate.

You will always be the best to your kids, they will always look at you as the standard in your life. Things will never be perfect. What’s the fun in a cookie cutter perfect life anyway?

After many years of sorrow, and letting depression eating me alive I broke myself of the cycle about a year ago.

I stumbled upon a blogger, LeeAnn, the owner of Girl Bosses Rock.  

She empowered me to take a stand and reflect on my life, along with some decisions in my life that had self-inflicted consequences. (you should totally head over to her blog sometime, she’s amazing!)

Life is seriously what you make of it, I will never say mine is perfect but, it has changed since my perspective has changed.

I have struggled with anxiety, PTSD and, depression since childhood from years of trauma from many things including frequent deaths in the family(almost yearly or multiple times a year), alongside other emotional turmoil. Later on, in July of 2015, I gave birth to my daughter, Rosalie via emergency C section.

On August, 7th; We married at a little courthouse in Ohio. Actually, it was pretty big. The event was small though, and lovely.

After 4.5 years of being together and half of that time being engaged, it was well overdue!


Well, with all of that being said, if you feel the same in your journey or have ever felt like this, feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest or even by email at delightfulmotherhood@gmail.com.

Feel free to comment on posts and let me know what I can help you with!

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